Few Conditions

A few conditions to be fulfilled by the project manager:

  • Do not have taken out any commitments (kept quotes, order forms sent back…) before the GAL receiving the request for help
  • Obtain a public, national co-financing which will enable the call for European financings. The main public co-financers are: the state, the region, the departments, the community of communes….
  • Provide the proof of the reasonable cost of the presented expenses (comparison between various quotes, public markets…)
  • Inform the GAL of possible changes regarding the initial request (change of supplier, material, lay out, financing plan…)
  • Be in the position of paying out in advance the expected expenses; the European subvention will only intervene to reimburse provided payment proofs (paid invoice, bank statement showing expenses …)
  • Communicate about the participation of the LEADER financings
  • Commit to maintaining investments during at least 5 years once the project is carried out and paid for