Who reviews and evaluates my project ?

Two authorities evaluate the projects :

  • The technical committee
  • The programming committee

The technical committee is made up of the technical representatives of the member EPCIs (De Cèze Cévennes, Alès agglomeration, Gard Rhodanien agglomeration), institutional partners (instructing services of the Region, General Council of Gard, Cévennes National Park, etc.), organizations Gard consular offices (CCI, CMA, chambers of agriculture) and specific partners in professional sectors (CIVAM, ADDEARG, CRPF, tourism, etc.). The technical committee meets before the programming committee. The composition of the technical committee varies according to the files examined. It can be expanded and opened up to other technical representatives or external resource persons. Its missions are as follows :

  • Technical and financial analysis of the projects presented;
  • The preparation of the programming committees;
  • Communication on the LEADER program within local relational networks;
  • During the program, participation in the adjustment of action sheets or selection grids and, at the end of the program, participation in the evaluation phases.

The Programming Committee is the decision-making body in charge of preparing the application and steering the LEADER programme. It meets four to five times a year to decide on the financial support given to each project that requests the GAL.

Its missions are as follows:

  • Develop the GAL’s strategy and program (LEADER application file);
  • Define and control the methods of animation, implementation and evaluation of the strategy and the program;
  • Readjust the implementation of the strategy and the financial model during the program (in agreement with the managing authorities);
  • Assign a score to each project, according to the strategy adopted and the selection criteria set and assign a grant amount (= schedule a file)
  • Ensure compliance with community policies.