Some conditions to be fulfilled

It is recommended :

  • Not having made any commitments (quote retained, order form sent, etc.) until the GAL has received your request for assistance
  • Obtain national public co-funding which will make it possible to call for European funding. The main public co-financiers are: the State, the Region, the Departments, the communities of municipalities, etc
  • Provide proof of the reasonable cost of the expenses presented (comparison of several quotes, public contracts, etc.)
  • Inform the GAL of any changes compared to the initial request (change of supplier, equipment, layout, financing plan, etc.)
  • Be able to pay planned expenses in advance; the European grant will only be reimbursed on presentation of supporting documents (paid invoice, account statements showing the expenditure made, etc.)
  • Communicate on the participation of LEADER funding
  • Commit to maintaining investments for at least 5 years once the project has been completed and paid for – on-site checks can be carried out